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Unit-linked Savings & Investments

Saving with your credit union is a wonderful way to participate in your community bank. Saving along with your fellow members provides the funding for our loans. In this way the funds go back out into the community to help our community and our members grow and thrive. It is a simple concept that has served us well for over 50 years.

However, if you are looking to save a nest egg, save for future college costs or even to save a lump sum to pay off your mortgage at a future date, you may like to secure more return on your savings. You may have a lump sum that you wish to invest now for the future or you may wish to slowly build a lump sum by saving regularly.


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We now have more options available for our members as we have agencies with all of the major life companies in Ireland. Members can now avail of the unit-linked savings and investment options through these companies.

Regular or instalment savings plans are designed as a simple and flexible way to save for the medium to long term. You can choose from a range of product providers, how much you wish to save and how often. You will have access to a range of funds covering equities, property, commodities, fixed interest and cash. Such funds will allow you to specifically tailor your savings plan to your individual needs and attitude to risk.

Investing a lump sum of money is an important part of your financial security and planning. Whether you have been saving regularly to build a nest egg or maybe you've come into a sum of money unexpectedly. Whatever the reason, you need to decide which path is right for you when investing your money. Your financial goals, current financial situation, investment experience, time horizon and attitude towards risk all help determine what the best savings and investment option is for you. We have a wide range of diverse investment options from which you can build an investment portfolio tailored to your own specific needs.

If you would like to have a no obligation meeting with our Financial Advisor to discuss any of our saving or investment options please contact us at 0818 297 007 to make an appointment or email our Financial Advisor, John Miller, directly at john.miller@lucancu.ie

How we are paid - fees & commissions we receive from the life companies - All fees and commissions earned by the credit union, stay in the credit union for the benefit of our members.